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that concert stage collapse at the indiana state fair. we'll tell you what the family wants. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at >>> six weeks after a harrowing stage collapse at the indiana state fair, one of the women injured is out of a coma. doctors did not expect andrea to survive, but her family says she made some amazing progress. >>> she is able to write her name and the names of other people. she can ask questions. >> she had a crushed skull, collapsed lung, and three broken vertebrae after heavy winds knocked the stage into a crowd of people waiting for sugarland to perform. seven people died, dozens were injured and today a lawsuit was filed to try and get the state to pay what is being called full and fair damages to the families of those killed or injured. >> we saw clouds coming. a man came out on the stage and told us that the storm would move around us. it wasn't going to hit us and not five minutes later, i was knocked unconscious. i never saw her again. >> alicia was seriously injure
of is particularly attractive this is a house put together by the team from purdue university in indiana mcken that is on that team and joins me i think it is my midwestern vibe i am getting from this house. >> exactly it is called in home short for indiana home we wanted a midwestern style home that would appeal to a broad market of homeowners, what you see is a typical home, when you come inside it has all the things you are used to having. >> you guys are in second place. >> that's right. >> how far behind are you from first place. >> .4. >> very close. >> there is still lots to go this week. >> yeah. >> in here tell me what your team has been thinking over the past couple years. >> we have been thinking we like to design a home that appeals to a lot of people. this house is very livable. >> it is. >> when you walk inside you feel like it is your home we wanted something when you sit down, you don't feel uncomfortable you want to have people over and it is an easy, accessible way of doing it. >> you would choose this home even if it didn't have the energy efficient benefits you would say i
in two homes in franklin, indiana. a young boy was discovered walking along the road. the bodies of two men and two women were found. it appears all died from gunshot wounds. >>> a campus back sale back fired. campus republicans are getting threats. the sale features a sliding scale where the price of the cookie or brownie depends on your skin color or gender. women are getting a discount. organizers say this is in respond to pending legislation that with make california university consider race or national origin during the admission process. >> we didn't expect threats to be made to the organizers of the event to burning down the table to throwing our baked foods. >> they will go ahead and have smetd their controversial pricing structure. they said it's to prove a bitter point. >>> diana nyad tried again for the record-breaking swim. this time it was a jellyfish that stopped her. she arrived in key west where her face was swollen from the sting. she had no choice but to call it off after medics warned her that another sting could kill her. >>> most of us take pride in our dog who will
indiana five people were found dead. police are still investigating and haven't said whether or not they're looking for a shooter or whether the shooter is among the dead. >>> there's a lot or questions we have than answers right now. i think that's obvious. there's a lot of if's and's and but the's. >> neighbors say they are concerned about their save the. investigators plan to release more information as soon as the autopsies are completed. >>> all right. nice shot of the inner harbor there. we got a little bit of sun coming out late, late in the day. for the most part we're still overcast with a few sunny breaks here and there. 78 right now. humidity 74%. statewide it was tough to buy much sunshine. there were a few breaks of sun. just a little bit of late sunshine coming through. we'll take it, take any sun we can find. rockville, similar scenario. cloudy with late clearing. same deal down in washington. mostly evercast day bush, again, a little bit of late sunshine. maryland's most powerful radar staying clear. i think it will remain clear tonight, tomorrow, early on. we'll bring in
remarks at 1:30 p.m. in northwest d.c. tamara the indian 11 will be -- tomorrow, the indiana governor will be talking about his book at 6:30 p.m. at the national press club. >>> tomorrow night it's a big night for the redskins. they had to dallas to take on their division rivals the cowboys. they will be in st. louis for 1:00 p.m. game against the rams on sunday. for d.c. united, they face philadelphia union in the city of brotherly love. >>> he is called banana man and he is headed back to stanford county high's " margaret he ran onto a football field in has been and a costume. he faced severe consequences from school administrators. >> banana man is free. >> for a while, people would ride it on their cars. i had a lot of support. >> after serving five days of a 10-day suspension, he made his way back to school on monday. >> they tried to use me as an example. >> the high school threatened to expel thompson for his disruptive behavior. >> people get expelled from school for fights and drugs. what i did was not along those lines at all. >> the move seemed to be added to some students
. >> a gruesome discovery in indiana. >> if you first did not succeed, try, try again. this woman that was forced to abandon her dream -- the slumber that was forced to abandon her dream -- the swimmer that was forced to abandon her dream. traffic >> we are looking from the skycam right now. it is pretty misty. queen is am county is running late, 90 minutes because of the fog -- queen anne's county. are live that valley view farm's this morning -- we are live at valley view farms. we're under some cover because it is raining. >> we grow our own mums. this year was unique because we have those hot temperatures. allow the plant to get pretty darn big. is one single plant. they areabout onc-- just beautiful this time. could plant them in the ground and they will come back each year. keep them nice and compact. them back on mother's day or the fourth of july. keep big pots around and i compost them by the end of the season. >> they are beautiful and they come in several colors. >> read and bronze -- red and bronze. of purple cabbage and cale -- we have purple cabbage and calkale. >> i went through th
rain. the bubble of heavy rain will be affecting indiana and kentucky. a few showers, scattered storms will be affecting the florida peninsula and up towards the pacific. we're going to be seeing gusts up to about 100 kilometers per hour. rain up to about 80 millimeters of accumulation. and pacific coast will be feeling the as well as. high waves we want to watch for that out towards the south and the west, we're looking clear, denver 31 for a high. we'll be dropping down to upper 20s for our tuesday as the cold air from the north will be brought in. here in north america, scandinavian peninsula, as well as finland will be seeing showers as well as gusts up to about 90 kilometers per hour. and here above mediterranean sea, we have an upper disturbance that will be disturbing italy for the next couple of days with showers and thunderstorms. british isles looking pretty clear and scotland will be feeling the showers. and much of west out towards the continental europe looking very clear. and sunny, warm weather for you. temperatures are as follows. vienna, 24 degrees. paris, 26. 30 in ma
of rain across indiana to lower michigan. high pressure off of the of lead to coast. that is what is treating this logjam with clouds and heavier rains for the honor bank of north carolina earlier today. -- for the lower bank of northe carolina earlier today. grab the umbrella, we still have a 30% chance for showers tomorrow and a better chance it will move into the day on tuesday. in the next 48 hours, moving to the daytime hours, a few showers will pop up late afternoon. by thursday -- by tuesday heavier showers just off to the west of us. finally, clearing late wednesday and then sunshine on thursday. there will be a quick cooled down into the 70's. look for areas of fog to develop milly south and west of d.c. daytime highs tomorrow will hover around 80 degrees. the chance for some showers are possible with a thunderstorm or two. daytime highs are only in the 60's by saturday and sunday. that is well below average for this time of year. but it is a refreshing change. in the case of up thisupcoming saturday, it makes people only $20 for a smartphone data plan ? with a great d
are searching for the people who killed five people in the small town of laurel, indiana. investigators aren't sure if the shooter is among the dead or still on the loose. >>> metro trains are running on time this morning through union station. an electrical fire shut down the station for nearly two hours yesterday. 65 firefighters responded to the call around 6:30 p.m. they found smoke billowing from the ventilation shafts in front of the building. calls for buses went out to passengers in other stops. amtrak service was not affected. shops and restaurants were included in the evacuation, but by 8:00 last night everything was back to normal. >>> we now know the names of the students injured in a balcony fall this weekend at the university of virginia. 20-year-old joseph gab blow is hospitalize in critical condition and 18-year-old cory minor is in stable condition. minor is a student at the university of virginia. graph viper pro was visiting uva at the time. it appears a second story railing gave way. >>> today engineers will give details in their findings of damage to the washington monum
or indiana or texas, every governor is in the game of competing for jobs. and that's not a very good national strategy. >> jon: so you are not just competing globally. >> no. >> jon: you're actually competing with right-to-work states. >> well, and every governor has an interventionist economic development strategy, you know, rick perry who says, you know, i want to get government out of your business, but every day his economic development team has big economic development fund and they're luring businesses that are strategic to texas. an they're closing deals with some money from this fund that's paid for by oil & gas royalties. every state has got some version of that. but the bottom line s the reason why we wrote this book is that is a really bad national strategy. because you are just moving businesses from one state to another, all through tax incentives. you're really-- rather than competing and inviting the globe to invest. >> jon: you're suggesting a darwinnian strategy every man for themselves, may the best man win is not a good national strategy. because i don't know that i buy tha
will have an update from the scene. >>> a miracle recovery six weeks after indiana's stage collapse, hear one woman's incredible story and why it is even surprising her doctors. >>> days away from another shutdown. what happens if the government , >>> >>> it is 5:37. 78 degrees, cloudy. we continue to follow breaking news from west baltimore. firefighters are battling a three alarm fire inside a tire store. smoke can be seen for miles. captain mike perry we want to ask you, do you have any idea of toxicity of the smoke coming from these tires? >> no, i don't. i don't have a lot of experience. i know it is real, thick, black and accurate. we have seen several tire dumps burn before, they just burn for days, sometimes. in this case this roof has completely collapsed now. firefighters had this surrounded. they had it contained to the block of the actual place where the fire occurred. they have it contained in that format. everything inside of it continues to rage. you see very, very large balls of flame coming out of the top, sometimes sleeping 70 to 100 feet in the air. they are putting as
the odds how a woman injured in the deadly indiana state fair collapse is surprising her family and doctors. >>> amanda knox appeal will her attorneys convince a judge to attorneys convince a judge to release the woman woman: we love ordering sushi, but it was getting expensive. attorneys convince a judge to release the woman so to save some money... man: looks great, hun... woman: ...and we're not real proud of this. man: no...we're not. woman: teen: have you guys seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? all around? teen: uh, they're fish, they live in a bowl. dad: what're gonna do? anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: there's an easier way to save. teen: whatever. anncr: get online. go to get a quote. anncr: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> it is 4:29 p.m., i am denise. >> i am vic. >> breaking news at the top for you to captain mike perry over the scene of a fire. mike. >> reporter: hello denise we are in the 4100 block, west belove deer going to two alarms a tire store app
. however, there is speculation that it may have to do with a "scheduling conflict." well, police in indiana say it began with the call of child wandering in the street and then they fund five murder victims. and the perpetrator is still on the run. plus security is always tight in new york city, right? but nypd commissioner upped the ante saying the department has the ability to "shoot down a plane." can the police really do that? >>trace: america city police department could take down an airplane that threatens the city from the police commissioner who has new information of the city's massive counterterrorism operation. >> do you mean to say the nypd has the means to take down an aircraft? >> yes, i prefer not to get into the details but obviously this is an extreme situation. >> you have the equipment and the training? >> yes. >>trace: from the interview with cbs "60 minutes," and details other security measures cops use to secure the most vulnerable areas such as radiation detection and a network of surveillance video. he says new york city is the number one target in the country and he
still ahead at noon an amazing story of survival six weeks after the deadly indiana state fair stage collapse ... >>+ two american hikers held as prisoners and perron finally return homein iran finally return home with their now saying about the case against them and a breakdown of the bears' big loss to green bay so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. [ male announcer ] we asked real people if they'd help us with an experiment for febreze fabric refresher. they agreed. [ experimenter 1 ] relax, take some nice deep breaths. [ experimenter 2 ] what do you smell? lilac. clean. there's something that's really fresh. a little bit beach-y. like children's blankets. smells like home. [ experimenter 1 ] okay. take your blindfolds off. ♪ ♪ hello? [ male announcer
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. >>> let's check your head lines right now. police in indiana have been called to a house where multiple bodies were reportedly found. there's little information at this point, but the state police went to the home near laurel, indiana, that was sunday afternoon, this afternoon and police are still trying to determine what happened there. they have questioned people, but do not have anyone in custody now. we'll continue to update you. >>> josh fattal and shane bauer are back home in the u.s. they were in prison for two years accused of spying. they were released after a deal brokered. they were arrested in 2009 along with american sasha shourd. shourd was a released about a year ago. . >>> medics in yemen say one person was killed in the capital today as security forces battle anti-government protesters. 38 people were killed saturday in clashes addressing his country, the president blamed terrorists for the deadly violence at an anti-government protest. he said that al qaeda is supported by the elements responsible for the violence. >>> saudi arabia's king is giving women the right to v
and killed as he sa >> police in indiana are warning residents to stay inside and lock their doors after five people were found shot to death. the toddler was found wandering the streets. when they arrived and found three bodies in one home, police are trying to determine if there is a suspect at large or if the person who pulled the trigger was among the deceased. the father and his son pulled into their driveway when people in another car pulled in answer shooting. over 15 rounds were fired. 12 hit the car. the father and son were taken to the hospital where the baby died. no word on a suspect or motive. >> two people were injured after a house explosion in seattle. it started a huge fire. the blast was heard more than a mile away. a man and woman were taken to the hospital. investigators believe the explosion may be related to a natural gas leak reported yesterday. two students are hospitalized after a balcony railing collapsed. it happened at the university of virginia. one of the students is listed in critical condition. the other student is in good condition. building inspectors are inv
news, new york. >>> indiana police are investigating an apparent mass killing. at least five bodies were found sunday at two locations about 50 miles southeast of indianapolis. one man's body found at one home and two men and two women a another residence nearby. police are warning area residents the killer or killers could still be on the loose. >>> after hundreds attended a vigil in reno sunday for the 11 people who died a week ago at a nevada air show, a pilot and ten spectators were killed when a world war ii vintage fighter plane crashed into the crowd during a race. >>> take a quick break. when we come back on the morning news, swimmer diane nyad's disappointi disappointment. >>> wall street braces for another rough week after asian markets tumble overnight. that and more next. this is the "cbs morning news." click on your symptoms... ...get the right relief. rough week after asian markets tumble overnight.asian markets that and more next. this is the "cbs morning news." makes the cold aisle easy. the robitussin® relief finder. relief made simple. and introducing nasal relief
. >>> investigators are trying to piece together a spring of murders in rural indiana. five people were found dead at two separate homes outside indianapolis over the weekend. a cause of death is unknown but the person responsible for the murders could be among those deceased. >>> new york's police commissioner created nypd's own antiterrorism unit, saying they are prepared for anything, including threats from above. if it came down to it, the city could take down a plane. >>> a six-ton satellite crashed to earth only saturday, breaking into pieces as it fell. there's no word where it came down. nasa thinks the debris ended up in the pacific ocean but can't be sure because it can't pinpoint when it entered the atmosphere. >>> the orioles are headed home tonight to host the red sox. they are coming after on eight- game road trip that took them through detroit where they won last night. michael vick is back on the injury list after his hand was broken yesterday in what he says was a late hand. >> something cat trophic happened and broke my hand, not to blame the refs. but it was an unfortunate situa
into the weekend. >> a warning for residents of the indiana community after five people were found shot to death. police were called to a neighbor it after a toddler was found wandering the streets. they found five bodies. police are not sure if there were multiple shooters. they are asking residents to stay inside their homes. >> the american hikers are waking up on american soil this morning. they thanked everybody who pushed for their release. owe a lifelong debt to so many people. >> our thanks go to our wonderful family who have done more for us that we can never repay. >> they spent a hundred days in prison. for tall and shane bauer were reunited with a fellow heitor -- josh fattal and shane bauer were reunited with a fellow hiker. >> i think we're all feeling tv movie on the way. said the degrees on tv hill. million as more people could have refinanced their homes last year. >> one woman hopes of balloons will lift her into a better opportunity. >> we confirmed the crash o >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute.
with a one day after another of cold their invading the area this is the heavy rain coming up in indiana and parts of southern wisconsin and then coming back in the chicago area, it is for that reason we are thinking we will probably get really it rained on over the next two days, here is a computer model suggesting precisely that bringing rain with even a few thunderstorms into the chicago area and it hangs around and looks at a couple of days it is really putting up some impressive amounts, more than 2 in. in some spots in an inch and a half and others still looks like a very wet system, forecast for the chicago area for tonight we have a least a chance of seeing some passing showers and you may hear a little thunder from time to time, low temperature should be 52-56. meagher mostly cloudy syria's of rain and the rain could come down and buckets that time some shares on tuesday again with showers and rather breezy conditions high- temperature probably low 60s. 74 cast, look at that. earlier we thought it might touch 70 or a little above the looks like that next batch of colder we will
governor romney left florida early for events in indiana and michigan. how did he do? "guest: third place, 14%. is is a solid showing for romney, considering, and the have to -- he has to be happy that rick perry did not a hit a homerun. he and rick barry are leading in the polls. the romney support comes from the jacksonville area. he is certainly still in the game here. at this continues. the candidates include former state house majority leader, former u.s. leader, and craig miller. this is posted by the american conservative union. it is about 25 minutes. >> good morning. we are about to experience part of our glorious future. we have been a major sponsor in washington. this is a tremendous idea. we encourage you to see you have gone through the rope. each of you have a specific number that wi
airline and the governor of indiana, some say a frontrunner for the number two spot on the republican tick, governor daniels and many, many more. watch us over the last 15 years you can see for yourself how my hair piece has stayed the exact same place. the glasses have changed, but, really, the hair is not which i thing i deserve some credit. if you are on town and you want to see us check out our when for more details, fox and we are getting e-mails why believe that crowd was for you. well, yes, indeed it was, and i would like proof from any of you you if you don't think it is. all right, first the state with the donald and next the endorsement from the donald. romney hopes for it. is donal trump ready to deliver it in he is next. he is here. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar. the two trains and a bus rider. the "i'll sleep when it's done" academic. for 80 years, we've been inspired by you. and we've been honored to walk with you to help you get where you want to be ♪ because your moment is now. let nothing stand in your way. learn more at when i got my m
personas han sido ejecutadas de la misma manera. macabro el hallazgo en un vecindario en la indiana, con 5 cadÁveres, la policÍa descubriÓ los toparse con un niÑo que estaba en la calle. una amarga pesadilla viviÓ una joven de 20 aÑos de illinois, porque su novio la torturaba, estuvo secuestrada en el apartamento de su verdugo por 2 meses, por suerte logrÓ escapar un juez le negÓ el derecho afianza al a fgresor por el peligro que representa. >>> en washington, hubo pÁnico en una escuela secundaria, cuando un pistolero abriÓ fuego contra varias personas en las afueras del colegio, la policÍa no tuvo mÁs opciÓn que quitarle la vida. y un cÍrculo de misterio ronda la muerte de una peruana en argentina, porque fue aplastada por un supuesto meteorito, otras 7 personas que estaban en el interior resultaron heridas, cuando segÚn los testigos una bola de fuego impactÓ la vivienda. >>> una cÁmara pus o en evidenca los malos pasos de una mujer en new jersey, con 7 meses de embarazo, es cÓmplice de un robo, a una casa. ella y su acompaÑante lograron escapar con una fundas de almoha
in laurel, indiana. investigators aren't sure if the shoot soldier among the dead or still on the loose. >>> italian prosecutors want an appeals court uphold the conviction after amanda knox and increase her sentence to life in prison. a ruling in the case is expected in early october. >>> the banana man has learned his fate. 14-year-old brian thompson was suspended last week for running out on his high school football field wearing a banana costume. his principal threatened to suspend him for the rest of the year. >> administrators told brian thompson they would set aside the rest of his 10-day suspension and allow him to go back to colonial forge high school monday. >> i definitely don't want him to lose a whole year of education. >>> the principal suspended him after his banana man stunt friday night. >> do you think you should have received any punishment for what you did? >> definitely. but not being expelled for ten days. >> they say it wasn't about him running out on the field in the banana suit. it was about him being disrespectful. and the disrespect was him holding up his hand
people in eastern indiana. it happened in two separate locations in rural franklin county. a child found wandering along the road gave police information that led them to the bodies. police are trying to determine if the shooter is among the dead. >>> investigators also looking into the death of a patient at an oakland, california, hospital. police say a fill-in nurse allegedly gave the woman a fatal dose of medication. officials at alt bates medical center say it was a medical error. the patient died on saturday, just two days after staff nurses walked out during a labor dispute. >>> opening statements are set for tomorrow in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray, charged with involuntary manslaughter in the singer's 2009 death. prosecutors want the judge to allow testimony about investigators' failed attempts to question murray in the days following jackson's death. the doctor faces up to four years in prison if found guilty. >>> lady gaga making another bold statement. this time for a bullied gay teenager who took his own life last week. he was only 14 years old. ga
, mysterious murders rock a quiet rural town in indiana. it all unfolded when good samaritans spotted a child wandering on the road in the town of laurel, 50 miles southeast of indianapolis. that led police to an address where they discovered the body of a man in a house across the street, officers found two men and two women shot dead. right now, it's not clear if the shooter is one of the deceased. a gunman opens fire in the c.i.a. wing of the u.s. embassy in kabul, afghanistan, leaving one american dead. fox news has confirm that the g gunman was an afghan national working for the embassy. this is the third attack in the past two weeks. chris christie's busy fundraising schedule sparking some hope among some republicans he's reconsidering a run for the white house. today, he's stopping in missouri before heading to california and louisiana later in the week. despite speculation, the governor of new jersey has inside numerous times he's staying put as governor of the garden state. you can end up footing the bill for the united nations building. the u.n. is in the final stages of getting a p
,000 bail each. sarah shourd was released last year. >>> a disturbing find in rural indiana. five people shot to death in their homes. investigators are releasing very little information at this point. they're not sure whether one person is responsible for the shootings or whether the suspect or suspects is among the dead. police originally responded to the scene for report of a toddler out in the street. they say that child led officers to the homes where they found the bodies. >>> it is now 5:34. happening today, we expect to learn how extensive the damage is to the washington monument. this afternoon the national park service will talk about what engineers found and how long repairs will take. the 550-foot structure has been closed to the public since last month's 5.8 magnitude earthquake. last year the park service planned to winterize the monument to prevent further damage during the colder months. >>> today prince william county officials and residents will meet to discuss the possibility of bringing metro rail to woodbridge. congressman jerry connelly has been pushing for a feasib
to address the court later this week in a final plea for her freedom. >>> police in indiana are still investigating a gruesome scene as they discovered five people shot to death in their homes. state police say they were called to a neighborhood after a toddler was found wandering the streets yesterday. the child led officers to the homes where they found the bodies. investigators aren't sure if one person is responsible for the shootings or if the suspect or suspects are among the dead. >>> it was as big as a bus, but nasa says trying to find pieces of its massive satellite are more like trying to find needles in a bunch of haystacks. the space agency believes most of the 20-year-old satellite plunged safely in the ocean. however, it's possible some landed in the state of washington, oregon, or even in canada. it's the largest spacecraft to crash back to earth uncontrolled since the sky lab space station back in 1979. >>> reading "the baltimore sun" online will no longer be free. the newspaper will begin charging readers for its online content starting next month. digital subscribers
-controlled house is refusing to do. >>> five people shot and killed in two rural indiana home. police discovered the bodies after responding to a call about a child wandering the streets in laurel, indiana. they say they don't know in the shooter or shooters are among the dead. neighbors warned to be vigilant until pe find out what's going on. >>> allowing testimony about investigators' failed attempts to question conrad murray in the week following michael jackson's death. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. opening statements in the trial begin tomorrow. >>> first woman from africa to ever win the nobel peace prize has died. wangari maathai lost a long battle with cancer. she won the prize in 2004. maathai was 71 years old. >>> missouri lawmakers vote to repeal the so-called facebook law, prohibiting features from talking to students on facebook or social netbooking sites. some say it infringes on free speech rights. >>> that's the news you need to start your day. "american morning" is back right after this break. >>> it is 52 minutes past the hour. good morning to you. we asked y
call the indiana state police and any caller will remain anonymous. jenna: we have the number there, mike. thank you so much. mike selke. wise radio in the area jon, we really have no idea of whether or not one of the men killed in the group was the shooter or not. that's why there are ebbs tra precautions in the area. jon: all sorts of questions about that one. friend of jailed american exchange ste student amanda knox are concerned about her health. she can't eat or sleep, she is losing weight. lawyers are fighting for her ga. they have cracked a code that supercomputers struggled with for a decade. how their passion for video games is helping in the fight to cure aids. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need
up. martha: on a monday, here's what's developing in america's news raoplt, folks in indiana on high alert after police discovered five dead bodies inside two neighboring homes. investigators are still unsure whether the shooter is on the loose or is among the dead. >>> and with growing concerns over cyber warfare, the pentagon is now looking to protect some private sector networks here in the united states. department of homeland security, now reviewing the plan that would extend protections to power plants, electrical grids, and other critical infrastructure which certainly sounds like a good idea. >>> apparently she's a big bob beckel fan, she's going to be very upset that he hasn't heard of her, lead gaga attend ago fundraise forepresident obama over the weekend, apparently she bought a ticket, about $38,000 for the ticket, she wanted to talk to him about bullying but it's not clear whether or not they got to have that information. bill: i think bob and gaga would get along well. martha: they would get along well. they should meet. we should arrange that. bill: i look forward to
in that building. >>> police are investigating the violent deaths of five people sunday in laurel, indiana, about 50 miles southeast of indianapolis. officers found a man's body inside one home and four more bodies in another home across the street. the victims had apparently been shot to death. >>> gas prices have taking a tumble over the last two weeks, on average dropping 12 cents per gallon. the average price per gallon for regular is now at $3.54 according to the lundberg survey of fuel prices. >>> it was another brave and historic swim for diana nyad as the 62-year-old was forced to abandon her third attempt at a marathon cuba to florida swim without a shark cage. about half-way through the 103-mile trek, doctors warned her that she'd had so many sticks from jellyfish-like creatures that more could kill her. the swollen and disappointed nyad called quitting a "bitter pill" and cursed those damned jellyfish. still she gave us so much and accomplished so mp so congratulations to her for going 67 miles in 40 hours. that's pretty astonishing at 62 years old. >> wouldn't be surprised if she trie
. illinois where i come from is not a swing state. but you look at winnable states like wisconsin, indiana, michigan, and especially ohio and pennsylvania. and you need a candidate -- >> rick perry's not going to win, though. >> you're going to need a candidate that's going to rock the suburbs in the industrial west. and that's a key value. >> you got one? >> yeah. >> i actually think romney is the de facto real front runner here. and we could have a late entry. there's a tremendous amount of chris christ christie-mentum if he gets in. i think people are looking at who is the anti-romney. what you described is happening. we go from trump to bauchman to perry. and this is really just a gauntlet that romney is running through before picking up the national -- >> and just sort of to reflect the lack of enthusiasm of romney that everybody's looking for something else. >> remember that four years ago, mccain right now was at 8 because it was anybody but mccain and then he made it. >> michael steele -- >> yeah. >> chime in. >> just a real quick question, i guess i want to ask the senator, but as
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